About Us

Welcome to Pack 191:

Cub Scout Pack 191 provides family scouting for the Antioch, Lake Villa, and Lindenhurst area primarily recruiting scouts from District 34 as well as surrounding areas such as the Grass Lake School District.  We are an active pack that meets (typically) weekly as dens and monthly as a pack during the school year. There are also year-round activities to keep the scouts busy such as pack and den camping, a hiking club, picnics, fishing derbies, and parades to name a few. Families are encouraged to participate but it is not required to attend all events. To sign up and join Pack 191 please click the link below!


The Pack:

The Pack consists of all of the dens and their families. The pack serves as the parent organization for the dens and provides direction, program support, leadership training, and maintenance of the budget. The pack is led by the Pack Committee Chair and the Cubmaster. The Cubmaster supervises program delivery for the Scouts and, with the help of the Assistant Cubmasters, run the pack meetings. The Committee Chair supervises the business side of the pack and runs the committee meetings and pack leader meetings.

The Den:

A den is a group of ideally six to eight boys all of the same rank, age or school year. Dens are led by a Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader with parent involvement to deliver the monthly program. A Boy Scout, known as a Den Chief, may also work with the den. Dens meet regularly on various days and times of the week (determined by parents) during the school year. Dens meet at school, at one of the family’s homes, the local scout house, or at some other place.

The Ranks:

Lion Cubs

As a Lion, your kindergartner will make friends, laugh loud, gain confidence, discover nature, and most of all…have fun! They’ll experience the Scouting concepts of character development, leadership, citizenship, and personal fitness through engaging and exciting adventures!! Kindergarteners will have a blast exploring the world around them in ways that fuel their imagination and creativity. Together, they’ll take their first steps down the path to success. 


No matter if a youth joins Cub Scouts in 1st through 5th grade; they must earn his Bobcat badge before they can advance to the rank of Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos. A scout must complete the Bobcat requirements, which include demonstrating his understanding of Scouting's core values. They must be able to recite the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, and motto and demonstrate the Cub Scout sign, handshake, and salute. They must also explain what each of these ideals means, in addition to demonstrating his understanding of the core values of honesty and trustworthiness, and explaining their importance.

Tiger Cubs

A 7 year old or child in the first grade joins Cub Scouting with their parent or adult guardian. Tigers and their adult partners are just that, partners. They attend meetings together, go on adventures like field trips together, and complete requirements together.

A Tiger first works on earning the Bobcat badge. After completing the requirements for Bobcat they go on to complete the requirements for the Tiger rank and the many electives that are offered. The required adventures, by title, are:

  • Games Tigers Play
  • My Tiger Jungle
  • Team Tiger
  • Tiger Bites
  • Tiger Circles: Duty to God
  • Tigers in the Wild
  • Complete one Tiger elective adventure of your den or family’s choosing.


A child who is 8 years old or is in the second grade is a Wolf, and their adventures are found in the Wolf Handbook. The adventures, by title, are:

  • Call of the Wild
  • Council Fire
  • Duty to God Footsteps
  • Howling at the Moon
  • Paws on the Path
  • Running With the Pack
  • Complete one Wolf elective adventure of your den or family’s choosing


A child who is 9 years old or is in the third grade is a Bear, and their adventures are found in the Bear Handbook. The adventures, by title, are:

  • Bear Claws
  • Bear Necessities
  • Fellowship and Duty to God
  • Fur, Feathers, and Ferns
  • Grin and Bear It
  • Paws for Action
  • Complete one Bear elective adventure of your den or family’s choosing.

Webelos / Arrow of Light

Webelos dens are for youth who are in fourth and fifth grade (completed third grade or reached age 10). The word Webelos stands for "We’ll Be Loyal Scouts" as this 18 month program is designed to transition Scouts from the adult-led Cub Scouting concept to the youth-led Boy Scouting concept. Although there is still a two-deep den leadership model, boys begin taking on leadership responsibilities. The adventures, by title, are:

  • Cast Iron Chef
  • Duty to God and You
  • First Responder
  • Stronger, Faster, Higher
  • Webelos Walkabout
  • Building a Better World


  • Duty to God in Action
  • Scouting Adventure
  • Complete four Webelos elective adventures of your den or family’s choosing.

The Experience:

From Pine Car Derbies to Camping, from Fishing to ‘Go See Its’ there is much to do in Scouting.  Expect your child to look forward to Den outings with his peers learning about the world around us in an age appropriate setting and taking pride in himself, as well as a time honored tradition.  The goal of Cub Scouting is to have fun and learn at the same time. A Cub Scout gets satisfaction from meeting challenges, having friends, feeling good about themselves, and feeling they are important to other people. Cub Scouts learn new things, discover and master new skills, gain self-confidence, and develop strong friendships